Your College List - Reach, Target, Safety

Juniors - You should be working on creating your college list - include Reach (two-three), Target (three-five), and Safety (two-three) schools to ensure you have a balanced list and increase your chances of acceptances. All of these should be schools you would be excited to attend.

“Reach” schools are colleges where your test scores, GPA, and/or class rank are below those of the majority of accepted students. Your chance of being accepted is not as high as at other institutions. It is still possible to get accepted but it would take something compelling on your application to override the odds.

“Target” schools are strong matches, based on your academic profile (GPA, class rank, test scores, etc.), financial aid needs, and social preferences.

“Safety” schools are colleges where your test scores, GPA, and class rank meet or exceed those needed for admission, and they are also a “financially safe” (affordable) option if all else should fail.